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FOR KARA!!!!!!!!!! [13 Apr 2006|08:50pm]
a collection of fugly pictures from long agoCollapse )
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Photobucket [07 Nov 2005|09:13pm]
This is a test post from Photobucket.com
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[25 Jul 2005|06:32pm]
[ mood | grateful ]

lollapalooza was awwwwwwesome. i got to meet courtney taylor, brent the drummer from the dandy warhols, Anton newcombe and matt hollywood from brian jonestown massacre. courtney taylor was soo nice. yeah this entry will be pretty similar to ashleys entry.

Brian JonestownCollapse )

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[14 Mar 2005|10:50pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Because i said so!

Comment to be added, and i shall add you back. i promise.

<3 Suzanne
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[13 Mar 2005|03:51pm]

me and kara drove around last night for a while at like 11 and it was really peaceful. we didnt even really talk, just listened to music. i could've been in the car all night, i didnt want her to stop driving. i wish we could have kept driving until the morning, just to see how far away from home we could get.

friday night i hung out with kara ashley and cortes. then we slept over at ashleys, watched virgin, and talked for like 2 hours.
today i went to get a pedicure with my mom and sisters. my feet are gorgeous now.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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Hope you all had a good weekend.
<3 Suzanne
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were animaniacs, and were crazy to the max [08 Mar 2005|11:31pm]
i finally got my camera to work on my computer after 2 days of trying. phew. well, on saturday i hung out with ashley! i missed her a lot. school has been awful, and i have sooo much homework every night. i cannot keep up. im getting a D- in drivers ed, and if i dont pass i will be so pissed. ok other than that, nothing really worth mentioning has been going on lately. i have a lot of pics to post, so deal with it!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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[05 Mar 2005|11:44pm]
x7silverchair7x: go to bed
CoLdpLaY x6: i dont wanna!
x7silverchair7x: u just said u were gonna!!
x7silverchair7x: CoLdpLaY x6: man im ganna go sleep im tired as SHII
x7silverchair7x: dickweed!
CoLdpLaY x6: shii, for ur information, is an ancient bibliographical character who never slept.
x7silverchair7x: hahahahahhahah
CoLdpLaY x6: so therefore, dickweed, u just made urself look stupid
CoLdpLaY x6: just keep that in mind next time u try to make me out to be a fool!
CoLdpLaY x6: signing off..the meninimeisterhemoglobin

x7silverchair7x: wtf!!
CoLdpLaY x6: menini..my last name. meister..like the stiffmeister. hemoglobin..that thing in ur body where red blood cells get oxygen from but when u smoke connect with the carbon monoxide instead and kills the oxygen which means ur red blood cells dont get oxygen.
CoLdpLaY x6: fucker.

ah, how i loathe kara...

got my internet back today. full update tomorrow bitches, i bet your peeing your pants in excitement!
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[28 Feb 2005|05:28pm]
ah, another exciting time at the library. its already 5:30 and i havent gotten any of my homework done which was the whole purpose for coming here in the first place. Well, my dad has recently informed me that we actually wont be getting internet until the 7th. i dont know how much longer i can live.

i have sooooooooo much homework to do tonight, its unbearable. i dont know how im going to get it done.

wow, i just spent a whole hour catching up and reading all your guys's entries, damn there was a lot. and its only been like a week since i last checked livejournal. sheesh

living with my dad kinda sucks cuz he can be a dick. this is going to make me sound like a huge brat, but living with my mom i never really got yelled at or got in trouble or had many rules. but my dad is the opposite so its definitely a change, and i just have to get used to it.

perhaps i shall have my first sleepover at the new place this weekend..the question is, will you be cool enough to be on the guest list?

<3 suzanne

p.s. has anyone seen the movie 'virgin'? if you have, id be really interested to see what your thoughts were on it.
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[14 Feb 2005|05:27pm]
im at the library right now. I figured i'd check out some books cuz i havent read one in way too long. im partially moved into my dad's condo. its weird. its a lot nicer than my house. I was laying on the carpet there and i was just like "wow...its CLEAN." its reallllly different

anyway. my dads buying me a new computer for my room, so i wont have internet til like the 26th which is a little less than two weeks away. thats a long time for me guys! so leave me some notes to come back to.

<3 suzanne

p.s. 5th period lunch today rocked hahahah
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[08 Feb 2005|08:53pm]
yowch my teeth hurt. huffy mcdoogles bday is coming up! i spent precisely one million dollars on her bday present. la la la i have nothing to write. Today was an awesome day. i had some great laughs with ashley. i had fun in gym with cori, kara and allysa, taking ugly pics, playing TV tag, and playing that concentration slapping game. oh boy

sorry, my entries are all the sameCollapse )

<3 Suz
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Winning Days ♥ [03 Feb 2005|09:57pm]
school has been pretty awesome. Never doing my homework leaves me more time to practice my coloring skills ! haha ok at lunch me, rucha, cori, ashley, christina and dan all colored. and then in gym me cori kara allysa and sean colored. and then in bio me allysa and sonia colored. its the new european war, guys.

I cant wait til summer. i must have replayed the perfect summer scenario in my head a million times already. ok im out on my balcony, which has a decent view since its on the third floor. Im home alone, and its in the evening so the suns about to set and the sky is pink. I'd be smoking my dainty cigar and have the song "winning days" by the vines playing in the background. for some reason, that song just seems perfect for this.

i really cant think of anything better than that. oh summer how i love you. i havent had a cigar in a really long time.

i wish i had an amazing, mind-blowing, outrageous, makes-others-ache-with-jealousy-cuz-its-so-freakin good kind of a voice. i think it would kick ass to be a singer.
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[28 Jan 2005|09:50pm]
Nothin to say. And im bored.

im watching rocko's modern life. it pretty much rulesCollapse )

♥ Suzanne
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we've got jungle fever..were in love! [22 Jan 2005|03:07pm]
yesterday was fun. kara and me went to antique stores downtown and got a couple things. then courtney called and we met up with her and allysa for a bit. we were walking to my sisters work and courtney n allysa started laughing, so im all what are u bithces laughing at and it turns out i had a hole in my jeans on my butt :( and i was wearing BRIGHT like neon pink underwear lol. i was walking around all day and i didnt even know i had a hole there. and yeah then we drove around, jammed to some tunes, and then dropped them off.

then me and kara went to my house, and mal came over. i found this hideous curly red wig, and we took turns wearing it and taking pics. it was grand

later that night mallory and i went to kerrys. we went in the hottub and hung out in her poolhouse. the power went out and it was soo scary! we were gonna sleepover but kerrys parents said no, so mal and i just slept at my house.

its snowing so hard out today!

mallory has jungle feverCollapse )

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[13 Jan 2005|10:20pm]
This week has been tough, ive had a ton of homework to do every night and im stressing out about my stupid final speech! gahh i cant wait to get it over with. tomorrow i am going to school late i think, because i dont want to go to speech class for various reasons. Yesterday mal came over and we had a good ol' time while she wrote her health paper and technically mine too! muahahahaha she wrote and i just sat in the corner of the room singing songs to her. she wasnt amused! haha

Today i went outside and made a snow angel. It ruled! it made me feel like a kid again

Heres some random pics from a while ago cuz im bored!

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<3 Suzanne M.
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Right about now, the funk soul brotha [08 Jan 2005|12:53pm]

Last night me kara and ashley slept over at my house. we watched garden state which was really good, but it took us like 3 and half hours to finish it cuz we kept pausing so we could take pics and be weird. we were making fun of those trim spa commercials with anna nicole.."you want some money? like my body?" ..lol i guess u had to be there.
then we watched texas chainsaw massacre, two episodes of sex and the city, and 'talked about boys' as ashley kept putting it. twas a fun time
my dad moved out today. hes staying with my aunt for a while. its pretty weird

well heres some of the pics we took last night

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see ya
♥ Suzanne
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when u have insomnia ur never really asleep & ur never really awake [30 Dec 2004|01:19am]

yes, that is a bag over my head. yes, i am suffocating myself.
jesus christ, this break has been so fucking boring
i cant sleep
i would just stay up all night but i have to go to a movie with my dad in the morning
it starts at 1:15
thats the morning to me now.

i almost prefer staying up all night, watching the sunrise, and sleeping all day.
that way i dont have to deal with anything or anyone
i can just sit around in my pjs and

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[21 Dec 2004|10:45pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

yesterday i went to go see cortes and his band with kara and courtney! it was crazy man. good job cortes wooohoo and after that us 4 went to BK, parked the car, ate our food, and uh talked about the clitoris. yeah it was soo fucking weird, but we kept saying "clitor-a-saurus" sort of like a dinosaur. haha it was very strange.

just a couple, i promise.Collapse )

obviously, i broke my goal of not taking any more pics during winter break. im addicted to my camera, what can i say?
me mal and kara gave eachother our christmas presents tonight just for the hell of it. i got an awesome ring, 3 pairs of socks, a my little pony coloring thing, and disney princess playing cards from kara!!

and from huffy mcdoogle i got a bracelet and the most awesome pic of us from when we were kids:

we fucking rule!

i dont know why, but my sister also gave me some of my xmas present today. its a set of 98 different colored eye shadows. dang, thats alotta colors. i am so excited for christmas!! but i havent even gotten everyones presents yet!
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Oh, it's so amazing here. [18 Dec 2004|01:37pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]

Thank god its finally winter break. Finals were all easy, except for bio. Yesterday i went dt with paige cori and rucha, but rucha left after like 20 minutes pssh. we ate and went to barnes and noble. then i hung out at mals with paige, and then we all went to dans with kara ryan and sean. that sorta sucked though so me and kara just drove around. we called ashley and went over to nicks, it was fun.

me and kara foley had THE MOST INTENSE game of european war ever. it went for like 40 minutes, it was insane. im very sad to say that she won :( haha but there shall be a rematch soon enough, and this time i will be the champion muahaha.

la la laCollapse )


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[14 Dec 2004|07:47pm]
Today was the first day of finals. khksabmsgfd well, only 3 more days to go. my minorities final tomorrow is going to kill me. soo, i should be studying for it right now, but i decided that i really just dont want to. oooooh, rebel.

today after school me and huffy mcdoogle cruised around in karas car. we DEFINITELY saw Mr. Ferri! ew

(((.)))Collapse )

i love just driving around with k-dizzle, its so fun.
i hope winter break isnt boring. fuck i still need to get christmas pressies for like 6 people. mallory what the hell do u want??? i have no idea what to get you. oh boy.
im wearing clip-on ariel earrings right now, i probably couldnt feel any cooler if i tried.

<3 Suzanne

p.s. omg they just showed a commercial for i love the 90's TWO!!!!! hooray! im so excited. january 17th, bitches.
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[12 Dec 2004|04:43pm]

ok i cannot wait to see that.

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sundays = the most boring days ever.
<3 suzanne
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